Yolanda has been in the fitness, wellness and real estate industries for over 15 years.  Inspired from her own weight loss from a size 26, and the challenges of keeping it off, she is passionate about helping others change their lives and become healthier.  She believes that wellness is more than just learning how to do a bicep curl and embraces a complete mind and body connection.  Yolanda was the Wellness and Membership Director at Gold's Gym of Fredericksburg for seven years.  Her vision of a sustainable, community, and therapeutic based wellness helped make the Fredericksburg Gold's Gym facility so much more than just a gym.  Yolanda has been a licensed real estate agent  in Virginia since 2002, bringing her strong negotiating, marketing, and people skills to the table for financial wellness.

     She holds a B.S. in Psychology, a Masters in Mental Health Counseling, has been AFAA certified in personal training and nutrition, is an avid dancer of Body Jam and ZUMBA, and is the co-creator of the 10 Week Wellness Counseling Program at Thrive the healing center.  In addition, Yolanda has integrated large 21 day corporate wellness challenges with local businesses, working directly with over 3000 employees, in order to create a hybrid wellness, fitness and counseling model within the community.  Organizer of one of the largest health fairs in the area, Green is Gold, Yolanda has also developed a group wellness counseling program, "S.I.M.P.L.E.", which will roll out a new series this year.  She embraces the concept of "progression, not perfection", and is the proud mother of her ten year old daughter, Nevaeh.

Yolanda Kehn


Yolanda is currently pursuing her licensure as an L.P.C. (licensed practical counselor) in the state of Virginia in order to reach her next goal of fully integrating the mind and body for complete wellness counseling.  Licensure requires supervision for 4,000 hours, in addition to her Masters and other Board of Counseling requirements. 

 She is also active in the field of real estate with her team at Long and Foster, and is launching a wellness food business, so keep your eyes peeled for the grand opening!!